food stuffs That Cause Heartburn

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Food Stuffs that Cause Heartburn

People all over the world suffer from heartburn by the millions. The condition can cause varying degrees of pain, and this condition can also be frightening to those who think they are having a heart attack. Heartburn can be caused by many different problems with the same type of pain and discomfort. Heartburn is usually a burning sensation in the area of the heart or throat. This pain can be debilitating or just annoying depending on the circumstances. Heartburn can be caused by stress, physical activity or acid reflux. The latter is a condition where the acid that belongs in the stomach travels to the esophagus. There are also foods that cause heartburn in many different people.

The foods that cause heartburn can be avoided, but these do not necessarily have to be avoided completely. The foods that cause heartburn include rich desserts such as chocolate cake or chocolate mousse. Alcoholic beverages cause heartburn too. or those with caffeine such as coffee or tea. The foods that cause heartburn include spicy foods often from ethnic recipes from Mexico or India. Dairy products such as milk shakes or ice cream may cause heartburn in some people. Other foods that cause heartburn include foods with acidic content such as oranges or tomatoes.

Foods that Cause Heartburn Should Be Avoided

People should avoid these foods that cause heartburn and should try to consume the foods that will not cause this condition. People should try to eat the foods that are going to keep them from the discomfort of heartburn. These foods include fruits and vegetable without acidic content. These fruits and vegetables include apples and bananas. People might also try to substitute coffee and tea without caffeine to keep them from the pain of heartburn. Grains in whole wheat bread and many pastas are good for those suffering from heartburn. Pretzels are good for those trying to avoid heartburn.

Those suffering from heartburn should carefully watch their diets and the timing of their meals. They should not eat too closely to their bedtime. These people should not exercise too closely to their bedtime either. The people with heartburn can find medicines at the grocery store or pharmacy that will help them alleviate the pain of heartburn. Those people that suffer from frequent heartburn should consult their physician to make sure there is not a serious condition causing the heartburn.

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