8 Healthy Eating Facts for the Busy Mom

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8 Healthy Eating Facts for the Busy Mom

Before you buy that next weight loss infomercial product, sit and think a minute. Learning a few facts about choosing foods can help you to develop eating habits that will help you to provide your family with the nutritional requirements they need.

Here are some facts about food nutrients:

1. Carbohydrates are nutrients in food that are broken down for fuel by the body. According to the glycemic index, bad carbs are those foods that spike the blood sugar and lead to overeating. Foods in this category are white flour products, processed sweets and fried snacks like donuts.

2. Omega-3 fatty acids are found mostly in fish. These are good fats that can help to lower your cholesterol and improve heart health. Eating at least three servings a week will benefit your body.

3. Fiber is found in plant food sources. There are two types: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber dissolves in your system. Insoluble fiber can’t be broken down by the body so it is flushed out. As the fiber passes through the system it carries some of the fat from your food with it. Healthy portions of fiber give you the feeling of fullness so you eat less.

4. Eating protein provides building blocks for the proteins the body creates to aid in muscle growth and repairs for organs and cells. Lean meats like skinless, boneless chicken, beef and pork provide the needed protein without the added fat.

5. Nuts, beans and seeds also provide protein. Plant source protein has fewer calories and fats than animal sources. When choosing nuts, avoid the fancy salted or artificially flavored varieties. When possible use fresh beans instead of canned.

6. Salt can cause bloating when you ingest too much. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for salt is about 2,000 milligrams. You can get more than that from one pre-packaged meal or a bagged snack. Limit salt by washing off canned vegetables and using salt-free spice combinations to flavor your food.

7. Sodas contain empty calories. How many people get full from a 12-ounce can of Pepsi? Take the couple hundred calories in that soda you are drinking and trade it in for a filling snack and a flavored bottle of water (if regular water isn’t to your liking).

8. Eat several meals a day to keep your metabolism going. Six small meals alleviate the mid-morning and the mid-afternoon hunger cravings. Eating every two or three hours seems like a lot but you are eating less.

Do you know a little more about food than you did before? Uncovering the basic facts about food removes the mystery and helps you to make better food choices for yourself and your family.

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