7 Miracle Home Remedies For Hair Dandruff.


It is important to note that dandruff is not caused due to excessive shampooing and dry skin. Rather the main cause of dandruff is overactive sebum glands on the scalp or persistent perspiration. Sometimes dandruff may also be caused due to food allergies and stress. People feel that since dry scalp has led to dandruff, they stop shampooing their hair. But as a result of this, the problem worsens. The oil gets accumulated on the scalp to make the scalp a thriving area for microorganisms. Having some of the microorganisms called pityrosporum-ovle on the scalp is quite common in everyone. But when the scalp is exposed to sweat, dust, dyes and chemicals too much; then the scalp becomes oily due to over activity of sebum glands. And when such a problem arises, the dandruff problem becomes quite severe. Such a condition of scalp with uncontrolled dandruff is called as seborrheic dermatitis. And in this disorder, stress, seasonal changes and hormonal imbalances play a vital role to flare up the symptoms.

Now, since such unhealthy scalp results in unhealthy hair, there is great potential for hair loss. However, dandruff problem can be brought under control with over the counter as well as natural home remedies. Since, dandruff is something very natural, it can’t be completely eliminated or discarded. It can only be managed and controlled.

Hair Dandruff Home Remedy

There are many remedies available for hair dandruff. However, home remedies for dandruff are not only affordable but they are also simple. In most of the cases dandruff leads to an itchy and flaky scalp.

Try the natural home remedies for hair dandruff, so that skin oiliness, itchiness, and flakiness is reduced.

1. The best remedy for dandruff is massaging almond oil thoroughly on the scalp for around 25 minutes. Doing this, three times a week can sooth the scalp and give very good results.
2. Dissolve 2 aspirins in any good dandruff shampoo and then take a shower to wash off; this can be quite beneficial.
3. Use apple cider vinegar for washing the scalp and hair.
4. Mix 2 tea spoons of pure vinegar in water and apply on scalp for treating dandruff.
5. Put fenugreek seeds in water and then grind this. Put this paste on scalp for about 20 minutes.
6. Apply baking soda on wet hair and scalp. This will give relief from dandruff.
7. Try shampooing with some form of salicylic acid. This will keep away oiliness in your scalp.

You must know that such home remedies are low cost and free from side effects. Thus, try them out to see which one gives you the best dandruff-free hair.

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