What Causes Female Hair Loss?


Female hair loss in recent decades has become a growing problem. More and more women complain that they are losing hair and waking up in the morning and finding large tufts of hair on the pillow is not fun. Maybe you’re one of those who suffer from hair loss? There are a number of reasons for female hair loss.

Usually it is due to hormones, specifically, a hormonal imbalance. Other times hair loss in women can be an effect of a surgery or pregnancy. Specific medications such as birth control pills, blood thinners or anti-fungal medications can also cause female hair loss. Another group is women who have had chemotherapy. And unfortunately, there are more hair loss reasons which will be explained in the next section.

Diseases Linked To Female Hair Loss

There are also some diseases that can cause hair loss in women. One of the warning signs of diabetes includes hair loss. Special tests must be done to determine if diabetes or any other diseases is a cause of hair loss before you take any further action.

When is hair loss in women normal?

Expert’s theory is that approximately ninety percent of all hair, grows at a certain time. And it is normal to experience hair loss on a daily basis. Hair experts say that about seven to ten percent of hair fall can occur in a day.

Treat Your Hair Gently

The way the hair is treated can affect female hair loss. Once the hair is set, either in braids or a ponytail, it can cause a condition known as alopecia areata (patchy hair loss). This condition leads to scarring of the scalp and new hair cannot grow. Women perpetuate or color notoriously often their hair to make it look better, but this can damage their hair so much that it cannot be repaired, and this can also cause alopecia areata.

Can A Doctor Do Anything?

A doctor may be helpful for women at diagnosing hair loss. At the doctor’s office, the doctor will do an examination and ask a series of questions in order to make the diagnosis. It is important to honestly answer all questions. If necessary, a biopsy will be performed to safely rule out any type of cancer or other diseases that may cause hair loss.

Treatment Options For Female Hair Loss

There are several treatment options to stop female hair loss, and in some cases it can be quite easy. If the hair loss is due to a certain type of medication, another drug can be prescribed. If it is due to infection or hormones, then medication can be prescribed for these. In the past decade, there are developed drugs for the treatment of hair loss that can help you get your hair back. There are also special doctors who can offer hair transplants to women; however, it will cost a substantial amount of money.
When all else fails – there are stores that offer wigs and hairpieces to help those who suffer from female hair loss and still want to retain their youthful-looking hair.

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