Acne Scars – Treatments And Natural Home Remedies

Stop suffering! Whether your acne scars are minor or deeply pitted you have several options for acne scars treatments that you can use. They range from all natural home remedies to fairly complex and expensive procedures performed by your doctor. The number of scars you have, the time you want to invest in your treatments as well as the cost of treatment and severity of the scars themselves will determine which option(s) are best for you.

For most people, they should consider waiting to get their scars removed until their acne is well controlled. There is no sense in spending time and money removing your scars if you’re going to just get more of them. It’s also wise to try and find relief using the simplest, most natural, and inexpensive methods first and only try the more expensive methods if you are unable to get the results you really want using these more natural options.

Here are some of the options for clearing up your acne scars that you can investigate so that you can find just the right option for you and your lifestyle.

1. Many natural remedies have been shown to work very well for many people. Using compresses made of olive oil, vitamin E, lemon juice, and even urine have been touted by some to be extremely effective in reducing the appearance of scars. These forms of all natural remedies do work better on lighter scars rather than the deeply pitted scars.


Is this video being helpful? Then give it a thumbs up and share with your friends. 2. For people who have more, or deeper, scarring you may need to consider some more advanced, invasive procedures such as laser, IPL, or chemical peels. These all work in slightly different ways but the basic idea is to remove the top layer, or top several layers, of skin and allowing new unblemished skin to form. Many of these procedures will actually help speed up new skin growth by stimulating the elastin and collagen production in the skin.

For most of these procedures you will need to see your doctor, but for the IPL treatment it can be done by a trained practitioner which can save a little money. Most of these procedures will have a short healing time, usually just a few days, but it will take longer if the scars are more frequent or deeper and pitted.


Each one of these procedures has it’s own price schedule which can vary significantly from one to another so when you talk to your doctor about the different processes you want to make sure to find out how much per treatment and how many treatments you’ll likely need.

When it comes to finding the best possible acne scars treatments for you, your skin and your budget remember that you have a lot of choices. You will need to be willing to invest a little time to adequately research the pros and cons of each type of treatment to determine which type is the best option for you. Just don’t give up and think you have to settle for blemished skin… you don’t. There is hope.

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