3 Foods That Help With Oral Health.


When you are trying to update your oral health routine and reverse some issues with your oral health, you may find yourself focusing on pastes and rinses. Those are a core part of your oral health plan, but you also need to look to other sources as well. What you eat is as important as how you handle your dental care routine. Here are some foods that help with your oral health and can help with certain issues you may be having.

1. Apples.

An apple a day will keep the doctor away is an old adage, but the truth is it may keep the dentist away. Apples are nature’s toothbrush. They help remove build-up on your teeth, plaque, acids, bacteria, and more. Now, they are not as good as toothpaste, but having an apple to end a meal may be more helpful than anything else. It will help remove debris and can get you by until you can brush your teeth later. They are also healthy for your body as a whole and a great way to help keep sweet cravings down as well.

2. Greek Yogurt.

Greek yogurt is something you may not think of as being good for your oral health. The truth is, it can be fantastic because of the large amount of calcium in the yogurt. By having just one cup of yogurt a day you can ensure that you are getting the calcium you need for strong teeth. It also introduces good bacteria into the body that can help break down acids and other debris that may remain on your teeth and cause problems later.

3. Carrots.

Carrots reduce the amount of tooth decay and cavities you may experience. The trick is when to eat the carrots. You should have a small amount of carrots at the end of a meal to help aid in saliva production in the mouth. This production of saliva helps remove debris and get it out of the mouth so it can be digested in the body and removed with other toxins. Not only do carrots help with this at the start of the process, the fiber in the carrots helps move the toxins completely through the body as well.

Most of these foods are easy to find and easy to integrate into your daily eating routine. Ideally, you want to focus on enamel and tooth health as well as reducing the sugars and acids that can cause tooth decay and breakdown.

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