7 Alternative Medicine Options For Fatigue.

Changing of the seasons, a busy week at school or work, and a wide variety of other factors might have you feeling a bit more sluggish than usual. If you are accustomed to consistently hustling through your days, fatigue likely seems more like an enemy than a friend.
On the other hand, perhaps you were diagnosed or are exhibiting symptoms related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Alternative and complementary medicine (CAM) offers dozens of remedies for fatigue. Some will encourage you to embrace the signals your body sends you and take time to rest.
Others will provide methods for uplifting your mood and maintaining your energy supplies. Take what works for you and leave the rest, but allow time to explore the many techniques available.
For context, Chronic Fatigue symptoms include the following.
1. Low-grade fever.
2. Chills.
3. Sore throat.
4. Swollen lymph nodes in neck or armpit.
5. Joint pain.
6. Muscle soreness.
7. Headaches.
8. Insufficient sleep.
9. Brain fog.
10. Moodiness.
Alternative Medicine Options For Fatigue include.
1. Ginseng.
Topping most everyone’s list of healing remedies for fatigue, this herb has a steady reputation for its ability to uplift energy and fight fatigue. Why does ginseng work as magically as it does? Well, it seems as if ginseng enhances cellular immune function and aids in boosting one’s immune system.

2. DHEA.
DHEA occurs naturally in your body. In some cases, it seems as if DHEA levels are lower in people experiencing extreme fatigue. DHEA connects to the functioning of hormones, memory, mood, and sleep.
Over time, DHEA levels decline after reaching their peak during your mid-twenties. DHEA can be taken in liquid form through a dropper. It might have adverse side effects, including but not limited to high blood pressure, lowered ‘good’ cholesterol, and liver toxicity. DHEA might increase testosterone in women and lead to shifts in a man’s appearance (baldness, weight gain, etc.). Take DHEA under a doctor’s supervision.
3. Essential Fatty Acids. Essential fatty acids, such as evening primrose oil and fish oil, contribute to the healing of fatigue. A study from the University of Glasgow in 1990 showed that no adverse effects were brought on by the consumption of additional fatty acids. Compared to a placebo group, a group taking oil pills found that their symptoms of CFS improved.

4. Vitamin B12.
A B12 deficiency often leads to lowered energy levels. Supplementing with B12 might grant you an immediate rise in energy levels. You can consume B12 orally, but receiving injections is the most beneficial route.

5. Melatonin.
Rather than taking your usual conventional pills for inducing sleep, melatonin offers a natural option. Take under the guidance of a professional to ensure the melatonin does not interact negatively with other medications.
6.Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese medicine looks at the meridian lines of your energetic and physical body to see where you might be out of alignment. Through the movement of energy, also referred to as ‘prana’ or ‘chi,’ Chinese medicine can bring you into a state of balance. A Chinese medicine expert could work with you to come to see where energy is stagnant or backed up and move you through practices that would unblock those channels.

7. Ayurveda.
Taking the Ayurvedic approach means exploring the well-being of your digestive tract and gut concerning all other aspects of your mind, body, and spirit. Within Ayurveda, there are three main Doshas, constitution unique to an individual’s make-up. It’s thought that the Vata, air, Dosha might be linked to chronic fatigue syndrome.
If you relate to the elements and symptoms of a Vata imbalance, such as constipation, dry skin, heightened anxiety, general sleep disturbances, inability to slow for extended periods of time, then you might take a look into Ayurveda’s recommended shifts. To balance Vata you might eat more root vegetables, warm foods, ghee. Also, you could find a more meditative practice to integrate into your daily routine.

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