5 Tips To Keep The Weight Off For Life.

Finally. You have reached the magic number on the scale. Now what? Now you have to keep it off. Sadly, only a third or so of dieters do this successfully. As seasoned dieters know, keeping the weight loss off requires vigilance. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, that’s even more difficult than losing the weight was in the first place.

To keep the weight off for life, you will need to modify your lifestyle. This will be a permanent change. If you allow yourself to resume your old habits, then you will regain weight. It’s inevitable. If you want to keep the weight off, you have to continue to eat healthily, exercise regularly, sleep well, and hydrate appropriately. A lot of people hit their goal and that vigilance drops and they start to gain the weight back. Yes, you can relax a bit once you achieve your goal, but only a little bit.

It’s common to regain weight because your diet is too restrictive, your mindset changes, and your habits aren’t sustainable. Now, though, you need to consider the tips that will help you keep the weight off. So, let’s take a look.

1. Exercise Regularly.

In order to maintain your goal weight, you need to exercise regularly. Not only will it help you burn off extra calories, but it will provide your metabolism with a boost. Those are two factors that contribute to a healthy energy balance. That simply means that you are burning the calories that you consume.

The result is you maintain your weight. In order to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume. You should aim to exercise for half an hour every day in order to maintain your weight.

2. Strength Training.

When you lose weight, it’s common to also lose muscle mass. Muscle loss can negatively impact your metabolism causing you to burn fewer calories, so incorporate weight lifting into your exercise routine. If you lift weights after losing weight, then you are more likely to keep that weight off. Aim to run through strength training twice a week and don’t forget to work all of your muscle groups.

3. Protein Snacks.

Protein is your new best friend when it comes to maintaining weight. It helps you feel fuller for longer, which means you’re less likely to give in to temptation. Of course, it also provides you with a helpful energy boost.

4. Stick to the Plan.

It’s time for your cheat weekend! This might sound like a great idea, but the idea of cheating often leads to junk food binges. This is especially true if you make it a regular occurrence. Be consistent with your plan. You can still enjoy treats, just don’t make it a whole day or weekend. Keep up your healthy habits.

5. Sleep, Manage Stress, Hydrate.

Sleep is important. A lack of sleep can cause serious weight issues. Poor sleep increases stress levels and also the levels of ghrelin in your body. Ghrelin is the hunger hormone and increases your appetite. When coupled with stress, you are tempted by all of the worst foods. So, get at least seven hours every night to maintain your weight.

Sleep is also an important part of managing stress and stress is the enemy of weight maintenance. Cortisol and belly fat go hand in hand. You can manage stress by looking after your diet, exercising regularly, and having relaxation exercises to turn to. Since you should already be looking after your diet and exercising, you should experience less stress.

Hydration is key. When you drink plenty of water, it promotes fullness which can help you manage your calorie intake. Enjoy a glass or two shortly before every meal.


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