2 Powerful Herbal Remedies During Pregnancy.


During any pregnancy, natural remedies or solutions for any discomfort experienced, and health of the baby is preferred of course. Below is a list of some of the herbal remedies you may want to have handy. It is by no means complete, but you will see there are things you can take to help you through some of the symptoms you may experience, without resorting to pharmaceutical solutions.

1. Herbal Teas.

Herbal teas are a wonderful natural option to keep in your cupboard. Be sure to check with your doctor, midwife or OB-GYN prior to trying any kind of new herbal tea or supplement.

At the very least, make sure you read the ingredients and do your research as there are plenty of herbs to avoid while pregnant; however, many are completely safe.

Herbal teas can provide you with a tasty way to stay hydrated. They contain no caffeine and are an excellent choice if you are trying to avoid coffee, tea, and sodas.

Herbal Fruit Tea blends can be an excellent source of Vitamin C and delicious served both hot or cold. Blueberry Herbal Tea for example, can quench your thirst and deliver that extra sweetness you might be craving without the extra calories.

2. Ginger Tea for Morning Sickness.

Ginger tea or eating candied ginger is an excellent remedy for helping you cope with morning sickness. Morning sickness can actually occur at any time of the day; therefore, keeping some ginger tea bags or a container of candied ginger in your purse, at your desk or in your car may be a good idea.

Ginger tea is a fast-acting remedy for combating both morning sickness and indigestion, as it will soothe your tummy and help you feel better in no time.

If you happen to run out of your herbal tea and want to drink something other than straight water, try a slice of orange, pineapple, lemon or lime in your glass. Even a few slices of cucumber can be refreshing and tasty.

Staying hydrated will help you feel more energized, keep your skin looking more youthful and help you combat low blood-pressure and dizzy spells related to hypotension. So don’t let running out of your favorite herbal tea be an excuse to become dehydrated.

Herbs For Anxiety, Nervousness and Restlessness During Pregnancy. It is proven that staying calm, relaxed and happy during your pregnancy is beneficial to all concerned; yes, even the father-to-be! The baby can feel stress and this can lead to negative effects and potentially a difficult delivery. Getting adequate rest and talking about any fears or concerns is beneficial and recommended.

Certain herbs have been used to treat anxiety during pregnancy including German Chamomile, Passion Flower, Valerian and Raspberry Leaves. Please note that Raspberry Leaves are generally only recommended during the last trimester.

There are many other herbs that are safe for you to use during your pregnancy. If at all unsure speak to your doctor or nutritionist. They will have your best interest at heart as you should too! It’s an important time for the both of you and there are natural solutions to help you through.


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