Effective Cleanses And Detox Methods For The Digestive System

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Effective Cleanses And Detox Methods For The Digestive System.

When last have you performed a detox on your body- more specifically your digestive system? Chances are, not recently or worse- never!

Worry not, as now is the best time to start cleansing your system of residual toxins, and to promote regularity.

However, you may be wondering how do you know when to perform a detox? Ideally, cleanses should be performed regularly. The truth though, is that many people will not diligently follow a detox schedule and may only perform when they notice something is amiss with their body.

Frequently, you may notice any of the following:

• Lack Of Energy- as a result of poor or malabsorption of nutrients in food

• Skin Issues- including development of liver spots, dry skin and discolorations

• Digestive Anomalies- ranging from constipation, bloating, to frequent dyspepsia, a detox can normally help out significantly.

• Frequent Allergies- you may find yourself sensitive to a larger range of common environmental allergens.

With that in mind, there are various methods you can undertake to facilitate effective detoxification.

Common methods include the following:


An under-rated method of detox, exercise is extremely efficient at eliminating toxins from the body (primarily via sweat and enhanced removal from blood). A special type of exercise, known as qigong, which is a martial arts style based exercise type, has movements tailored to improving detoxification and cleansing. Exercise also helps to promote intestinal motility and subsequent bowel movements.

Liquid Detox

A very common method of detoxing the digestive system, liquid detox diets are excellent ways to flush residual matter out of the colon, while enhancing energy levels and keeping the body nourished. It is a fact that liquid diets are nowhere as satisfying as solid food, but thanks to the high nutritional values of juices and smoothies consumed in this diet, chances of nutritional deficiency is low. After an initial drop in energy, your body quickly becomes accustomed and performs as normal.


A simple method that promotes toxin removal via a few organ systems, as opposed to just the digestive system. By alternating targeted hot and cold water on the back, it promotes sweating and blood flow away from the kidneys, skin, lymphatic system and digestive organs. If you are a person concerned with what you put in your mouth, hydrotherapy in its purest from is as close to nature as you can get.

Raw Food Detox

This method of digestive cleanse involves a period of eating only fresh, uncooked vegetables and fruits, in an effort to “fiber load” the intestines and expel toxic residue accumulated over the years. This type of detox is also highly alkaline, which is good for normalizing gut bacteria (the good ones) and eliminating fungal colonization with candida. Ensure to drink lots of water to facilitate the healthy transit of the raw foods out the colon.

Bentonite Clay

This one could literally blow your mind- did you know that clay is super effective for performing a digestive cleanse and detox?

Yes, clay is able to achieve detox in a way different from the typical “bowel movement” inducing effect of others; it is able to attract positively charged toxin molecules, since it is negatively charged itself. The result in removal of toxins that would not normally be affected by mere laxative based products.

Clay is also alkaline in pH, can relieve diarrhea and heartburn, and is sometimes placed into a foot soak where it can also draw out toxins. Clay is quickly becoming one of the primary modes of detox, both for the digestive system and body as a whole.

Bottom Line

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