Why You Need To Listen To Your Body

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Why You Need To Listen To Your Body.

We barely have time to listen to all the people who who need our help every day let alone our own bodies. But, not tuning in can lead to unhealthy eating habits. Taking care of your family begins with taking care of yourself.


Stress is a catalyst for many things in your life. Even moms who are on top of everything can be stressed from the work. Stress causes an increase in a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is well known to women because it makes it harder to lose weight. Added to that, stress can increase the incidence of overeating.

Busy schedules can lead to eating on the run. Unhealthy food choices can trigger heartburn and possible digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome and colitis. Stress also can exacerbate a previous diagnosis of either of these conditions.

If you’ve ever been stressed, then you know that it can lead to behavior changes. It is even more important that you listen to your body to avoid unhealthy habits. Here are a few tactics to keep your eating on point even when you feel less than your best.

1. Wait fifteen minutes before you eat anything. Stress can make you want to reach for the nearest snack whether it is healthy or not. Before putting money in the vending machine, ask yourself if you are really hungry. To test your answer, wait for fifteen minutes and then reevaluate your hunger.

2. Drink a glass of water. Water will fill you up for a few minutes allowing you to calm your stressful situation.

3. Don’t eat mindlessly. Did you know that eating comfort foods releases the same endorphins that exercise does? It is pleasurable to eat. Eating may calm you but it can also help you to gain weight. When you are upset avoid reaching for the snacks while you mull over the situation. Many people eat chips in front of the television but eating while you are working can lead to the same results.

4. Eat slowly. When you eat fast, you barely get a chance to taste the food. And, if you don’t taste it then your brain won’t register that you are full. Your only indicator will be the upset stomach you get later but then, the damage is done. Chew each bite completely before eating more.

5. Take a walk. Work off the stress with a walk around your office or around the neighborhood. Walking will release those endorphins we were talking about. It improves your mood and helps with stress while helping you to avoid eating unhealthy food.

When conditions like stress enter your life, unhealthy eating habits are not far behind. Paying attention to the changes in your attitude keeps your body from paying the price.

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