Two Main Reasons Why Prozac for Menopause Makes Sense

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Two Main Reasons Why Prozac for Menopause Makes Sense

Menopause is one of those rites of passage that nearly every woman goes through but not all of them will handle it well. With the huge hormone fluctuations, there are a number of symptoms that can occur which can wreak havoc on a woman’s body. If you are one of these women who seem to be having a myriad of symptoms, you might want to ask your doctor about Prozac for menopause.

Taking Care of Hot Flashes

Hot flashes seem to be the biggest complaint of menopausal women and there are a variety of things that can help, namely hormone replacement therapy. However, if you are one of those women who cannot follow this type of therapy, then Prozac for menopause just might be helpful for certain symptoms like the hot flashes.

Taking low doses of Prozac for menopause might be beneficial in decreasing hot flashes because it acts as a serotonin and norepinephrine re-uptake inhibitor, which could be the very things that are causing your faulty internal temperature. While hormone replacement is the best solution, Prozac for menopause is one of the best alternative plans out there today.

Depression is a Factor

Depression is another side effect of menopause and it might take you by surprise as that is not what you might associate with all of these biological changes you are going through. However, if you think about it, your female hormones are all out of whack so why not have a chemical imbalance as a result which can cause depression? In this instance Prozac for menopause is again a smart move to help tamp down those depressive thoughts that often plague women as they go through “the change.”

Side Effects

Prozac for menopause is not for every woman as it does cause some negative side effects in a small percentage of women who take it. There is a chance of weight gain, nausea and dizziness which can go away after a short period of time or stay during the entire course of treatment. Sexual dysfunction can also be a problem and may tamp out any sexual desire and romantic tendencies, things which are so important in a marriage or committed relationship.

Therefore, if there are any side effects with Prozac for menopause, you should speak with your doctor about them. You cannot discontinue the medication all at once as you may react adversely to the abrupt change. Rather, your doctor will likely taper off the dosage to minimize any reactions to discontinuing the medication. Remember, Prozac for menopause is not for every woman going through these hormonal changes however in many cases it is a positive treatment to make the symptoms more tolerable.

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