Relationship Between Heartburn And Stress

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Relationship Between Heartburn And Stress

There are many reasons that could potentially be causing heartburn. For example, several medical conditions have been known to cause heartburn as a related symptom. Such diseases include Celiac disease, Acid Reflux Disease, a hernia, and the removal of a gall bladder.

However, these are not the only things that can cause heartburn. Despite the many medical conditions that heartburn can be attributed to, most heartburn is caused by lifestyle choices and can thus be prevented by making changes in your everyday habits.

Because heartburn is a digestive problem, it is frequently caused by diet. Greasy and heavy foods, like chocolate, have been known to cause heartburn. Also, eating too much food is a leading cause of heartburn. Many smokers experience heartburn, because a chemical found in cigarettes affects the esophageal sphincter and allow acids to pass through more easily. Poor diet, smoking—what ultimately leads people to engage in these damaging behaviors? Stress, of course! There has been found to be an indirect correlation between stress and heartburn.

Don’t Stress—It Could Prevent Heartburn

Heartburn and stress are not directly related; however, stress has been found to lead to many destructive behaviors that lead to heartburn. For example, many people smoke as a direct result of stress.

Other people deal with stress by eating junk food that contains lots of fat and sugar. Still other people, who are known as compulsive overeaters, deal with stress by eating excessive amounts of food. Many alcoholics, who deal with stress by drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, hence they experience heartburn. For many people, heartburn and stress go hand in hand.

How To Prevent Heartburn It isn’t hard to prevent heartburn—by preventing stress, you will in turn be preventing heartburn. This is due to the indirect connection between heartburn and stress. It is important to find non-destructive ways to deal with stress. Exercise is a great way to deal with stress because it releases endorphins. It also keeps the digestive system moving and can prevent gastric reflux disease.

There are other ways to prevent heartburn and stress. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is a key component. Receiving a healthy amount of sleep also helps to prevent stress, which in turn will prevent heartburn. Finally, it is important to deal with stress in a non-destructive way. This means avoiding destructive habits such as smoking, drinking, and over-eating. Caffeine can also be a contributor as well.

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