Chronic Heartburn

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Chronic Heartburn

Chronic heartburn disrupts the lives of many people, and this condition can also be very frightening for some. Chronic heartburn causes a burning sensation in the throat or the area of the heart. Some people worry when heartburn strikes because they are afraid that they are suffering a heart attack. Chronic heartburn is usually diagnosed when a person suffers from heartburn two or more times a week. These symptoms should be checked carefully by a qualified physician. A medical professional can find the root cause of the condition and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Chronic heartburn can disrupt the lives of those that are affected because the condition often strikes in the evening. The person affected loses sleep and then effectiveness on the job the following day. The person is often very uncomfortable and does not enjoy socializing with family and friends. Chronic heartburn also keeps people from enjoying the foods that they love to eat. Chronic heartburn is also very uncomfortable and painful. Chronic heartburn can also lead to more serious conditions if left unchecked and untreated. Chronic heartburn often requires more extensive treatment than occasional heartburn which can often be treated with antacid tablets or syrups.

Chronic Heartburn Should Be Treated with Diet and Medicine

Chronic heartburn is often caused when the acid in the stomach goes into the esophagus. The stomach is very strong, and it contains acid that helps with the digestion of the food taken in by a person. The acid is too strong to go into other organs of the body. When the acid moves into the esophagus, this acid produces the burning sensation known as heartburn. The pain can be very strong and disturbing. This condition does not usually affect people until they pass the age of forty.

Chronic heartburn can be treated in different ways. The patient should adjust their diet to avoid foods that will produce this condition. Foods with acid can produce the symptoms that are so disturbing. These foods include alcoholic beverages and those with caffeine. Rich and creamy desserts can also produce the symptoms of heartburn. People with bouts of heartburn should avoid eating late at night or before they exercise briskly. The people should also elevate the head of their beds to keep the acid in the stomach. There are special medications that can provide relief from the symptoms of heartburn. These medications have proven to be most helpful for people with heartburn.

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