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What causes Heartburn? People with heartburn experience chest pains that begin at their breastbone and rises up to the neck and throat. They can also experience that liquids or food is coming back up into their throat or mouth. Many people describe a bitter or sour taste in their mouth during heartburn, while others report an increased pain in the chest, especially when bending forward or lying down.

There are several causes for heartburn or acid reflux, which are the common reasons for this uncomfortable chest pain. Over 90% of people with this condition report that the cause for their heartburn is linked to the food or drink they consume. Spotting the foods that triggers your heartburn episodes is important to prevent these conditions from occurring in the future.

Tea, coffee and other caffeinated drinks relaxes the LES (lower esophageal sphincter), which is responsible for keeping stomach acid out of the esophagus. When the LES relaxes, stomach acid pushes back into your esophagus, which is one of the major causes for heartburn.

Chocolate, citrus fruits and vegetables, tomatoes, tomato-based products and alcoholic beverages are also main causes for heartburn because they also relax the LES, preventing it to function normally. On the other hand, eating fatty foods and tobacco smoking can weaken the LES and increase the pressure on your stomach, causing the reflux of stomach acid into your esophagus.
Medical Causes for Heartburn,
heartburn is medically described as the feeling when the juices of stomach acid flow backwards into your esophagus. This occurs when the LES relaxes or becomes unable to function properly.
When the LES functions normally, this valve opens a door that enables food into your stomach to come in, but not go out the same way. When your LES relaxes, it allows the acid juices to flow upward to where they came from – straight to the esophagus. As a result, this acid endangers your esophagus from the harmful acid from your stomach. Doctors refer to this condition as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease).
In general, the causes for heartburn may vary depending on personal lifestyle and dietary habits. However, regardless of the things that trigger heartburn, they contribute to the occurrence of heartburns by increasing acid production in your stomach, increasing relaxation levels of your LES, increasing stomach pressure (through dressing in tight clothes or sleeping right after eating a heavy meal), and by making your esophagus more sensitive to stomach acid.

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