Natural Treatments For Lower Back Pain

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Natural Treatments For Lower Back Pain

There’s no argument that lower back pain is debilitating, however, before you reach for over-the-counter painkillers you may like to try a few natural treatments such as these listed below.

Boost Your Body’s Own Natural Painkillers

The human body is amazing in many ways. One is its ability to produce endorphins which serves as our very own natural painkillers. When the body produces these natural pain relieving chemicals, the pain signals to the brain are blocked or reduced in intensity. One of the best ways to boost or enable your body to produce these feel-good hormones is to engage in aerobic exercise or any physical activity.

Start Doing Back Strengthening Exercises

There are special exercises you can do to help improve the strength of your back muscles. If you develop the strength of the muscles surrounding your spine, your body has an improved ability to hold the spine in it’s correct posture. This in itself can reduce pain as it lessens any pressure on surrounding nerves.

Only do the exercises your physiotherapist or health care professional recommends to you, as you may inadvertently do more harm than good. Your friend may be told to do certain exercises, but they may not be the ones you should be doing. So don’t second guess or make up your own routine.

Observe Proper Posture

Poor posture is a common cause of back pain so take note of how you stand or sit. If you have to sit for lengthened periods of time, just make sure you get up and move every hour. A simple walk to stand straight will help improve your posture. Be especially mindful every time you do and stand tall.

If you find it difficult to observe your posture, there are special aids you can use, which include ergonomic chairs or seat aids. There are also special garments you can wear. These aids will both remind and help you improve your posture.

Hot and Cold Therapy

If you use hot or cold therapy remember what you are trying to accomplish. Applying a hot pack may feel good to you, whereas a cold pack may not. However, heat will not reduce inflammation, whereas cold pack applications will.

Ice can serve as an anesthesia to help slow down the impulse of compressed nerve pain. Heat applied will improve blood circulation enabling healing nutrients to circulate to the affected area.

Natural Therapies

There are many effective bodywork therapies for treating back pain, including chiropractic care, Bowen therapy and massage. There are many more of course, you should try a few and see which ones work to reduce your own pain. There is no one magic fix, and different treatment protocols will differ in effectiveness from person to person and condition to condition.

Acupuncture is another natural treatment that people have had success with in dealing with and healing their back pain. The thought of tiny needles may not be something you can handle, but it far less invasive than first appears. It has been used for centuries and for good reason.

Another natural treatment is kinesiology. A Kinesiologist will perform muscle testing to determine and pinpoint where there is an imbalance in the body. It promotes faster healing naturally.

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