Muscle Imbalance and Back Pain

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Muscle Imbalance and Back Pain

A muscle imbalance can cause strain on the back and/or postural dysfunction, which usually results in some degree of back pain. The primary reason why many body aches and back pain exists in the first place is quite often due to a muscle imbalance.

Alignment and Misalignment of The Body

The reason pain is felt is because the muscle imbalance causes tension and strain. Muscle imbalances can cause poor alignment of the spine and the muscular system. If the body is out of alignment it affects many parts of the body, and if left misaligned for a lengthy period of time further problems can occur.

For example, the left side of the body may be tight and tense, while the right side weaker and lacking strength. This then causes problems to the spine, resulting in possible permanent spinal curvature.

A muscle imbalance can also affect the surrounding ligaments, joints and nerves. Any deviation from an ideal spinal position will cause tension in affected and compensating muscles and other components of the musculoskeletal system. This will result in negative sensation – anything from mild discomfort to more extreme pain.

Back pain is caused due to the continued pulling of the muscles, especially when the range of movement further stresses the affected muscles.

The pulling of these muscles may cause pain that ranges from being barely tolerable to severe, and if not treated can become severely chronic, to a point where pain is an ever-present companion.

In addition, the muscle imbalance can also become aesthetically worrying and unappealing. Severe cases of muscle imbalance can be physically seen, such as with patients suffering with scoliosis. In these cases the muscle imbalance has developed to such a degree as to cause a visually obvious spinal curvature.

Therapies Used For Treating Muscle Imbalances

Muscle imbalances can affect anyone regardless of age. Physical therapy exercises are often used to treat the tensed, imbalanced or stressed muscles. Natural therapies are often used for correcting a muscle imbalance, instead of traditional muscular pain management, such as NSAIDs and other pain relievers.

The traditional analgesic pain relievers only offer short term pain relief. They don’t treat the muscle imbalance that is causing the pain. Conversely, muscle balance exercises are for strengthening the muscles and getting them back into alignment as much as possible.

Some natural therapies include chiropractic care, physical therapy and Bowen therapy. If the muscles are strengthened, they become more resilient and better able handle the body’s weight and perform its required functions. Over time they can slowly bring the body back to a healthier, stronger position.

Practice Balance Therapy Exercises At Home

You can certainly visit your physical therapist, however, you may like to do muscle balancing exercises at home. If so, speak to your physical therapist or health care professional for the best muscle balancing exercises suitable for you.

Your desired outcome will naturally take time and require continuous effort on your part. Bringing your muscles back into alignment is not a quick, easy task, which is why many people suffering with chronic back pain don’t do enough to overcome the problem.

This is understandable – reparation movements can be discomforting, distressing and even painful. It can require real emotional strength to push through with necessary exercises to rebalance muscles and improve spinal position.

However, avoidance of short-term pain does not address or repair the underlying problem. The problem is exacerbated and so the muscle imbalance continues and even worsens.

An essential point is that these exercises are not for everyone or every condition. Some may even cause harm to those patients with certain musculoskeletal medical conditions. In all cases it is essential to follow strict professional care and advice that is specific to your particular situation.

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