Effects of Cell Phone and Wireless Waves on the Brain

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Effects of Cell Phone and Wireless Waves on the Brain

Cellphone use has been linked to the increased risk of brain cancer, because of its ability to change brain activity. However, cellphones harm brain health in many ways! Cancer is just one problem. This video presents several findings from studies, which show how cellphone use and the exposure to wi-fi signals affect the brain.

The cells inside the brain communicate through electrical impulses. These impulses can be detected via a non-invasive EEG or Electroencephalogram device.

A study of participants who underwent exposure for fifteen minutes to a 3G mobile phone, showed cortical reactivity in the brain significantly increased soon after exposure to radiation. This study is not the only one that suggests that acute exposure to cellphone radiation can indeed have negative effects on the brain.

Another study revealed that the brain’s alpha band (i.e. EEG pattern) changes when exposed to cellphone radiation.

It Alters Glucose Metabolism in the Brain

Yet another study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, suggests that using a cell phone for 50 minutes results in the alteration of glucose metabolism in the brain. This change was seen in the area of the brain closest to where the cell phone antenna was placed. This effect of cellphone usage was seen using a PET or Positron Emission Tomography scan.

To date, there is no known safety level of exposure to cellphone or wireless radiation .

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