4 More Amazing Natural Remedies For Heartburn

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4 More Amazing Natural Remedies For Heartburn

1.Slippery Elm

Another herb that will help with heartburn is called slippery elm. This might be a herb that you are less familiar with, but it is definitely effective for heartburn. Slipper elm is a type of tree, but the entire tree isn’t used for heartburn herbal remedy. It is just the inner part of the tree bark that has health benefits. This part of the bark is used for many different medical conditions, from diarrhea and constipation to urinary tract infections and bladder problems. It is very effective for many different digestion issues, and yes it helps with heartburn. The way it helps is that the extract from the slippery elm inner tree bark thickens your stomach lining, helping to protect it against acid in the future. This is why it is usually recommended as a long term remedy if you have chronic heartburn, as opposed to just being given if you get acute heartburn.

2. Milk Thistle

The next natural remedy is milk thistle. Milk thistle is really simple to use since you will usually get it in a pill form from your local drug store, so there is nothing to eat or drink just to benefit from this remedy. Milk thistle is a type of herb that helps to reduce inflammation in the body and also is used as a detox for the liver, plus it’s an antioxidant. Inflammation in the body is often associated with both acid reflux and heartburn, so it can be a good remedy for you. In addition to giving you relief for heartburn and acid reflux, milk thistle can also help with lowering your cholesterol and be used to reduce inflammation in other parts of your body, such as from arthritis.

3. Fruits

If you just want to eat something delicious, that also has the added benefit of helping with your heartburn, then you’re in luck! Two fruits that are perfect for helping with heartburn are bananas and apples. You know the old adage ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor awayaway?’ the same can be said for helping with heartburn. Apples are good for your general health. But having an apple every day can also help to reduce discomfort brought on by heartburn, especially if you enjoy sliced apple before bedtime. Bananas are also excellent for helping with heartburn, thanks to their natural antacids. Having a banana before a meal with acid can help to create a barrier in your stomach that reduces that heartburn.

4. Aloe Juice

Next up is the aloe plant! Aloe is often used to help with sunburns, cuts, and scrapes, but this same healing plant can also be used for heartburn. Aloe has the ability to reduce inflammation in your stomach lining and esophagus, which is often where the burnin g sensation comes from. It is best to drink it shortly before or after a meal that you think will cause heartburn, like tomato sauce on your pasta. You can get a bottle of aloe vera juice in your supermarket or health food store, but make sure to look for a natural, organic juice. You don’t need the added sugar. You can also make your own aloe juice if you have leaves from an aloe plant. You need to scoop the gel out of the inside of the leaf by cutting it open, then put it in a jar. Add about 2 teaspoons of the gel to a fruit juice of your choice and blend well. You can then drink it just like any other juice .

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