Why Is Liver Detoxification So Important?

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Why Is Liver Detoxification So Important?

The liver is a large organ in our body that functions as a filter. Basically, it is the liver’s job to remove toxins from our bloodstream. In addition, the liver’s purpose is to neutralize toxic substances that are both internally produced and the toxins that are acquired from the environment like the air that we breathe.

There are several roles played by our liver with regards to the cleansing of the bloodstream and the removal of wastes. Also, the liver synthesizes and secretes bile that is filled with fats and cholesterol.

The liver is a very crucial organ in the body because it allows us to gain nourishment from the food that we consume. It also manufactures bile that absorbs fats and cholesterol that helps in the prevention of constipation.

In order for our liver to work at its optimal level, liver detoxification every once in a while is needed. Eating of fruits and vegetables are generally good for liver detoxification. Studies show that at least 3 to 7 days of juice fasting is a perfect way to start of with your liver detoxification diet.

Herbs can help maintain a healthy liver and can also contribute greatly during liver detoxification. A best example of herbs good for the liver is milk thistle. Based on research and studies, milk thistle seed extract can help treat a seriously damaged liver.

Below is a list of foods good for liver detoxification:

Fruits high in fiber
– Vegetables like the following:

, Broccoli Sprouts
, Cauliflower
, Onions and garlic
, Carrots
, Bell peppers, vegetables Rice cakes, rice crackers and rice pasta
– Kidney beans, pinto beans, chickpeas and green peas
– Almond nuts, cashew nuts and walnuts (peanuts should be avoided)
Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds
Statistics show that liver disorders are one of the leading causes of death. This is because our diets are not healthy and are usually overloaded with fats, calories, sugars, chemical additives and alcohol.

Some signs of liver problems include the following:

Chronic fatigue and depression
, Recurrent colds and flu
, Liver spots and itching skin
, PMS in females include nausea and chills
, Dark spots below the eyes

It is very important to follow a strict liver detoxification regimen for seven days. Remember, a healthy liver is essential to your vitality and going on liver detoxification for at least three times a year can make a difference.
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