What to Eat and Not to Eat in a Detox Diet to Cleanse Liver

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Detox or detoxification is the elimination of potentially harmful substances from our body. It is typical for people to associate the word “detox” with rehabilitation of alcohol or drug-dependent individuals but it is a broad term that also refers to other methods of removing toxins from the body such as a detox diet to cleanse liver or other organs of the body.

Focusing on liver cleansing, a detox diet to cleanse liver support the body’s natural cleansing process by taking away the foods that contain harmful substances and providing the liver the nutrients that it needs to function normally. If want to find out if you need to undergo a detox diet to cleanse liver, there are screening quizzes available online from reputable health sites to help you identify symptoms. However, it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor if you suspect that you need to start a detox diet to cleanse liver. Do not attempt to go on a detox diet without first consulting your doctor because you may have certain medical conditions that need to be addressed first such as adrenal fatigue.

There are many types of cleansing diets so you can choose which detox diet to cleanse liver is the most suitable for you but such diets share these fundamental principles:

to reduce the intake of chemicals by selecting organic foods instead of processed foods,
to increase the consumption of foods with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that liver needs for proper detoxification
to eat foods that stimulate the elimination of toxins, resulting in more frequent bowel movement and urination

Basically, a detox diet to cleanse liver includes all fresh fruits and vegetables. Broccoli, artichokes, green and red vegetables, onions, garlic are some foods that are excellent in detoxification. Other foods included in a detox diet to cleanse liver also include brown rice and other grains that you can easily buy from health food stores, beans (lentils, split yellow beans, green peas), unsalted nuts and seeds (almonds, walnuts, cashews, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, etc.) and extra-virgin olive oil.

Condiments such as sea salt and vinegar as well as spices and herbs are also great for your detox diet to cleanse liver. Drink herbal teas (green tea) and non-caffeinated beverages (water, all-natural fruit juices and vegetable juices).

Of course, any detox diet to cleanse liver will not work without avoiding certain foods such as refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, grains containing gluten, dairy products, foods and drinks containing caffeine, foods with food additives, high-fat foods, chocolate and alcohol. If you’ve liked the video give it a thumb up, leave a comment and share with your friends. We Thank You So Much For Watching. For More Nutrition, Health And Beauty Tips, Please Subscribe To Our Channel

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