The Benefits of Drinking a Liver Detox Tea

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The Benefits of Drinking a Liver Detox Tea

Drinking a liver detox tea is a good way to have a healthy liver. It works by flushing away toxins and wastes from the liver. It also helps stimulate digestion, support the functions of the liver, and decongest the liver and gall bladder that resulted from a liver damage. Substances like alcohol, drugs and toxic chemicals like ammonia generated by digestion are excreted via the kidneys when you drink a liver detox tea.

The liver is the biggest organ in the body that performs a multitude of functions necessary for maintaining good health. Also, it is the only organ capable of revitalizing itself. The liver works by releasing bile which helps in food digestion and the absorption of fats and cholesterol. In addition, vitamins and minerals are processed in the liver for the use of other body organs. These nutrients are released whenever a certain part or organ in the body needs it. The liver is also needed for storage and metabolism of fat, synthesis of protein and sugar, lipoprotein, cholesterol production and the manufacture of glucose that is used by insulin for blood sugar regulation. Nevertheless, the most notable function of the liver is for filtering toxins from our bloodstream.

This just shows how important it is to drink a liver detox tea to have a healthy liver. The aim of a liver detox tea is to remove all toxins that are gathered by the liver. If too much toxins are stored in the liver there is a big possibility that the liver will become “congested”. If this happens, the liver could get damaged and will eventually lead to other illnesses.

Drinking a liver detox tea also aids in detoxifying a slow-moving system. It can improve blood circulation which is essential for a healthy body. A liver detox tea typically contains Burdock root, Black Peppercorn, Dandelion root, Cardamon seed, Fennel seed, Clove bud, Juniper berry, Cinnamon bark, Orange peel, Horsetail herb, Dandelion leaf, Parsley leaf, Ginger root, Uva Ursi leaf and Sassafras root. You can purchase a liver detox tea from health food stores or you can also prepare it on your own.

Ingredients and steps to prepare a liver detox tea:

10g Burdock root
10g Dandelion leaf
Ginger root
5g Fennel seed 5g Mugwort
5g Combine all herbs and put at least 2 cups of clean water. Let it boil for 20 minutes and then let it stay for 10 minutes after removing it from heat.

Use a strainer to remove all herbs. Drink half cup of liver detox tea for at least 3 times a day.

Having a healthy liver is very important and drinking a liver detox tea can help you achieve it.

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