How Olive Oil Aids In Liver Detox

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How Olive Oil Aids In Liver Detox

If you’re into health and fitness, then you surely must have heard about herbal liver detox methods and such at one point or another. And for these methods, it would be better if you match these with olive oil liver detox methods as well.

So, why olive oil liver detox? What is it about the olive oil liver detox method that has nutritionists recommending it? There are actually a number of reasons for this. First off, through olive oil liver detox, your gallbladder is prodded to excrete or flush out larger amounts of bile that has been stored over time. When bile is excreted, the residues are excreted from the gallbladder and the biliary tract, out through the intestines. But before you go through olive oil liver detox, you must stay away from any sort of product containing oil for two straight days. This way, when you go through the olive oil liver detox, your body will react to the sudden intake of oil in a positive way.

But when you do olive oil liver detox, make sure that you use high-quality oil for this. It is often recommended that you use Premier Moroccan olive oil. Other olive oils, even the organic ones that you can get, more often than not have chemotoxins that are harmful to your system as well. Premier Moroccan olive oil is guaranteed to be free of chemotoxins, such as pesticide residues. Premier Moroccan olive oil is as top-grade as you will ever get. This type of olive oil is produced all the way from Morocco, without the usage of any harsh chemicals at all. This is primarily why it is recommended to use this kind of oil for the olive oil liver detox method.

So, how do you go about the flushing procedure for olive oil liver detox? First off, you take doses of the olive oil every 15 minutes. It would be better to start at 6:00 in the evening. Mix the contents of your herbal supplement in 3 or 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Usually, two capsules of the herbal supplement would do. After downing the mixture, consume one or two slices of fresh oranges. The orange slices helps with the clearing of the taste of oil from your mouth. Repeat this procedure at 6:15, 6:60, and 6:45 respectively.

And that’s the process. Just be sure not to take in any food or drink after the 4th period. Not even water. This can disrupt the olive oil liver detox process, so just steer clear of any food or drink until the next day. You will definitely see the results of the olive oil liver detox the very next day.

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