How A Healthy Liver Detox Works

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How A Healthy Liver Detox Works

The liver breaks down every toxin and chemical in the body from the pesticides in the food you eat to your hormones. A healthy liver detox process makes sure that all wastes in the body are eliminated. If food substances are not broken down properly by the liver, it becomes lodged in the fat tissues of the body.

Moreover, too much exposure to harmful substances can disrupt a healthy liver detox process causing a build up of these toxins in the blood. When this happens, a person starts to experience symptoms like headaches, constipation and hormonal imbalances.

In addition, there are instances when a healthy liver detox process tries to break down harmful substances but instead of successfully doing so, what happens is the substance becomes activated triggering the liver to release toxic elements that may be harmful to the body. Some examples of these harmful substances can be found in certain medications.

In a healthy liver detox process, the pathways in the liver changes fat-soluble chemicals into water-soluble chemicals so it will be easy for the body to eliminate. There are two pathways involved in a detox process of the liver known as Phase One and Phase Two.

In Phase One, the liver processes harmful chemicals and converts them to less damaging elements through several chemical reactions such as hydrolysis and oxidation. During this conversion process, the liver releases free radicals, which are particles that can damage the cells of the body.

If the amount of toxic chemicals is too high and there are no sufficient antioxidants in the body, these elements become even more dangerous and can potentially lead to cancer and other serious illnesses. Some of the substances that can harm the liver when taken excessively are caffeine, saturated fats, and alcohol.

Once the liver has converted the harmful chemicals they enter Phase Two of the liver detox process where the liver works to make toxic substances water-soluble so it will be possible to get rid of them as bodily wastes. If either of these two phases becomes strained, there will be a buildup of toxins in the body, again, causing all kinds of ailments from digestion problems to obesity and brain dysfunction.

As you can see, a health liver detox process is very important in maintaining the overall health of the body. How well your liver detoxifies your body will depend on your diet and your lifestyle. Make the necessary changes now to prevent the effects of an overworked liver and stay healthy for life.
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