Benefits Of Liver Detox Supplements

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The liver is the main filtering organ of the body. It filters and cleanses our blood. With this critical function, it is very important to make sure your liver is healthy. Just like any other filter, your liver needs regular cleaning. However, it is only just recently when people started paying attention to their livers and its huge role in maintaining good health.

If you are wondering whether your liver is overstressed and needs cleansing, watch out for the following symptoms: poor digestion, constipation, weight gain around the waist, abdominal bloating, intense mood swings, difficulty in concentrating, depression, sugar cravings, extreme fluctuations of blood sugar level, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

If you have one or more of the above symptoms, there are many liver detox supplements that can help you. Here are some common ingredients found in detox liver supplements and tonics:

Milk Thistle: This herb is probably the most widely used and recommended herb for restoring the health of the liver. Its active ingredient is silymarin, an extract of the plant’s seeds, which works in three ways – prevents the entry of toxins to the liver, stimulates liver cell growth, and clears the liver of free radicals with its excellent antioxidant properties. The typical recommended dosage for silymarin detox liver supplements range from 500 mg to 2000 mg once a day.

Dandelion root: Just like milk thistle, dandelion root has been used for centuries to treat many liver complaints. Dandelion has bitter properties that stimulate the functions of the liver as well as the digestive glands. Studies have proven that dandelion has properties that are effective in the treatment of hepatitis, jaundice, inadequate secretion of bile and swelling of the liver.

Taurine: This is the main amino acid needed in the elimination of toxic chemicals and substances produced during metabolism. Taurine deficiency decreases the liver’s ability to detoxify the body that is why most, if not all, detox liver supplements and tonics include taurine. It is also an antioxidant that helps protect the liver.

Other protective and restorative ingredients that you can find in detox liver supplements are globe artichoke, Shizandra berry, Barberry bark, Slippery Elm bark, Yellow Dock, Astragalus Root and Psyllium to aid the liver’s metabolism function.

Liver detox supplements typically blend many of the herbs mentioned above in their formulas. Their effects sometimes benefit other organs, too, not just your liver and are effective in relieving symptoms of an overworked liver such as digestion problems. You find many types of liver detox supplements that can address your specific need – whether you are already ailing from high toxicity in your liver or you would like to undergo a preventive cleansing program. Whatever your case is, always seek advice from your doctor and a knowledgeable sales staff when buying liver detox supplements. Remember to read the labels of the products and compare their benefits. If you’ve liked the video give it a thumb up, leave a comment and share with your friends. We Thank You So Much For Watching. For More Nutrition, Health And Beauty Tips, Please Subscribe To Our Channel

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