Basics Of A Liver Detoxification Diet

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Basics Of A Liver Detox Detoxification Diet

When the body is exposed to excessive toxins, the liver is the organ in that suffers most because it is mainly responsible for processing these toxins and getting rid of them. However, with a high level of toxicity in the body the liver can have a hard time performing its functions resulting in the buildup of these poisonous elements, which can enter the body through the foods, drinks and chemicals we take in and the air we breathe.

Since it is the liver’s primary job to remove toxins from the body, it becomes weak and unable to function properly if there is an accumulation of these poisonous substances. Therefore, a liver detox detoxification diet will be very helpful in restoring the health and normal function of the liver as well as the digestive system and urinary system. It is also recommended to perform daily exercises and use herbal detox supplements along with a liver detox detoxification diet to effectively stimulate the proper functioning of the liver.

In a liver detox detoxification diet, there are various herbs that you can include that are proven to be good for the liver such as:

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum): This is one of the most-recommended herb for restoring liver health after excessive alcohol consumption or drug abuse.

Cascara Sagrada: The bark of this plant has long been used to treat constipation because of its oils that are effective in stimulating bowel movement. The liver also benefits from its stimulating effects.

Turmeric: This herb has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for its protective and cleansing benefits on the liver.

Dandelion root: This also has a stimulating effect on the purifying function of the liver. It also improves blood circulation and fortifies the arteries.

Using herbs in your liver detox detoxification diet is just one part of the effectiveness of your program. Of course, it is equally important to make sure that the foods and drinks you take in are liver friendly. Here are some basic things to remember and follow while you are undergoing a liver detox detoxification diet:

First, eliminate all processed foods from your diet and go for organic foods instead. Select lean meats and fresh vegetables and fruits. Also, you need to include lots of grains in your diet to give you a boost of fiber, which is essential in detoxifying the body. Some vegetables that are known to be beneficial to the liver include broccoli, artichokes, beets, cabbage, and radishes. Mix yourself a liver flush beverage made from fresh orange, lemon or lime juice with a squeeze of ginger and a little olive oil.

A liver detox detoxification diet should not only be done when signs of liver malfunction appear. It is best to perform a liver detox program about twice a year to prevent toxic buildup and related illnesses.

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