Four Things You Can Do To Live With PMS

Four things you can do toLive with PMS

If you have been living with PMS, you know that this is not a condition to be trifled with. At the same time, it is one of those medically recognized situations that are not exactly classified as an illness, nor as a debilitating disease. Moreover, since it affects mostly women, PMS has given rise to a lot of jokes and less than complimentary and also encouraging statements. Fortunately, there are four things you can do to live with PMS, even if those around you do not completely understand what you are going through on a monthly basis.

#1. Familiarize yourself about your condition. Remember that PMS is a very real medical condition and as such it requires that sufferers know exactly what is happening with their bodies and why. Do not let the jokes of others lull you into believing that PMS is all in your head. Instead, read all you can find on the condition, check out online forums that discuss living with PMS, and begin talking to people who experience it.
#2. Educate those around you about PMS. Ensure that your mate and family know that PMS is real and how it affects you. Once you familiarize yourself with the condition, you will know how the variety of symptoms actually pertains to you individually. Let loved ones know which symptoms are those you regularly experience, and which you really have never had to deal with.
#3. Incorporate PMS into your lifestyle. When you know that it is coming, you can adjust the way you live and do business. Do not schedule any major decisions for that five to seven day period prior to menstruation. Moreover, this time period is not good for clothes shopping or even for photo shoots. Working with your condition – rather than against it – can be a tremendously empowering feeling as you once again take charge of your life.
#4. Seek treatment for the most severe symptoms. Minor symptoms, or those which only affect you a little bit, may not require any form of treatment. For those which are far more severe, there are various medications that can help take the edge off. Remember, you cannot make PMS completely go away, but with some simple lifestyle changes and medication if needed, there is a good chance of minimizing the impact it has on your life.

Keep a watchful eye open for any possibility of PMS morphing into a more severe form. If mood swings and minor anxieties suddenly become major forms of depression that may even lead the kind of fatalistic thinking that has you questioning life, it is high time to head to your doctor for an adjustment of medications or for a first time prescription. There is absolutely no need to suffer alone, in silence, or live in fear of the next month’s appearance of PMS. Remain safe, live your life the way you want to, and helps those around you understand how they can help you when “that time of the month” arrives.

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