Exercising The Body To Shorten The Duration Of PMS

Exercising The Body To Shorten The Duration Of PMS

What is more tempting than babying your self on the sofa when abdominal cramps are at their worst? There is no PMS sufferer who will feel inspired to get on the treadmill and engage in rigorous physical exercise when the symptoms are their worst. Unfortunately, it has been shown that moving the body to jar PMS symptoms may actually be the only way to truly shorten the duration of the syndrome’s effective hold over a woman’s mind and body.

It is a well known fact that PMS affects women in their mid to late 30s much more severely than any other age group. This is incidentally also the same age group that by virtue of child rearing and ancillary activities is not as likely to have developed a regular exercise regimen they are sticking with. This compounds the problem of severe PMS for women of this age group, leading to a host of relationship problems and even weight related issues.

Considering that physical exercise has the power of preventing some of the more severe PMS symptoms, it is high time for sedentary, middle aged women to undergo that difficult transition from couch to treadmill. Of course, this is not an overnight event – at least not for most. Instead, it might be a gradual creation of an exercise regimen that begins during the time that PMS symptoms are not at their worst.

This is the time to being parking the car in the last parking stall that is furthest away from the store, the building where the job is located, or the mall. Walking is the best kind of exercise and these simple steps help create a habit that will see a woman through the worst time of her PMS. Avoiding elevators and escalators whenever possible is another great solution to incorporating more opportunities for exercise into the daily lifestyle. The same holds true for walking a dog rather than simply letting it go out into the yard.

As PMS sufferers are jarring the body to relieve PMS symptoms, the chemical reactions that take place primarily create large levels of endorphins. These are associated with feelings of wellbeing, which is an immediate means of counteracting the cramping, pain, and emotional difficulties experienced during this time of the menstrual cycle. Add to this the actual increase in bodily awareness, and it stands to reason that the next time PMS comes around, a woman has a fighting chance to at least overcome some of the problems that are associated with the condition.

It is unlikely that exercise can overcome all of the PMS symptoms that make life difficult; however, combined with a commitment to enlisting the help of the natural homeopathic means of dealing with pain, anxiety, depression, and overall achiness and bloating, there is a good chance that over the course of a year the PMS symptoms may be returned to manageable severity. Such natural oils and dietary supplements do not usually work unless they are combined with the bodily production of endorphins. This then circles back to the vital need for exercise as part of overcoming PMS and triggering the bodily response to herbal supplementation.

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