Dealing With your Wife’s PMS and Living to Tell the Tale

Dealing With your Wife’s PMS and Living to Tell the Tale

If there is a fate worse than death – to many a man – it is the monthly bout of PMS his wife experiences. It is unclear why PMS seems to be such a scary proposition to so many men, but the facts bear out that dealing with their wives’ PMS and living to tell the tale at times appears to be a mutually exclusive proposition. Fortunately, there are some decided steps a man can take to make it through that time of the month relatively unscathed.

First and foremost, familiarize yourself with the condition known as PMS. This is an abbreviation for premenstrual syndrome, a condition so common that it affects at least 40% of women in their childbearing years. PMS is directly related to the shift in hormonal balances in a woman’s body, which ready the uterus for undergoing the monthly menses. It is interesting to note that men experience hormonal fluctuations every 31 days as well, although their symptoms are somewhat different from those women experience. Keeping this in mind when dealing with your wife’s PMS, might make it easier to live and tell the tale.

Men should take into consideration that PMS only lasts about seven days, frequently less than that, and that during this time there is a good chance that of the 40% at least about 10% will experience pre-menstruation symptoms so debilitating that they might have some adverse effects on the relationships the woman has, her job performance, and also her overall sense of wellbeing. The trademark of PMS symptoms is the virtually proverbial unpredictable display of psychological symptoms. There are, however, other symptoms associated with PMS as well, some of which do not usually make it into the jokes men like to tell about the condition.

For example, did you know that PMS leads to overtiredness that cannot be explained with physical or mental exertion? In addition, the sudden appearance of water weight gain, painful ankles, abdominal cramping, and also migraine headaches set up a woman for a tough week. Men who are insensitive enough to still crack jokes at this kind of condition, should seriously consider if they would do the same when their buddies are down for the count with a broken limb, a severed finger, flu, or another condition that is sufficiently serious to warrant time off from work.

Unfortunately, women do not always have the luxury of taking time off from work or their social and familial obligations to baby their PMS symptoms, and part of dealing with your wife’s PMS entails stepping up and helping out when she is close to collapse. Avoiding jokes, helping her however possible and also ensuring that she knows you are in her corner can a long ways to lessening the stress she feels. Remember, stress does not cause PMS, but it does make it markedly worse. Do not be afraid to ask her about her PMS – preferably ahead of the time the condition hits again – and come up with a plan of action that is sure to speak louder than any protestations of love and devotion can do when you fail to help her in the manner that she needs.

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