Dealing With the Irrationality of PMS

Dealing With the Irrationality of PMS

Those who describe PMS as a minor or insignificant nuisance that affects a few women during the course of their monthly cycles apparently are not at all certain of what they advocate. Studies and also the personal accounts of those who do not seek medical assistance for PMS reveal that the symptoms associated with this condition are far more pronounced than originally anticipated, and also affect far more women than researchers are currently assuming.

For the majority of women, dealing with PMS is not the kind of condition that requires medical intervention. Some may not even consider using herbs and homeopathic means to overcome the less severe symptoms. This then begs the question how to go about dealing with the irrationality of PMS and the various side effects it presents. There are a few tips and tricks that will help with the at-home treatment of monthly PMS that is not sufficiently severe to warrant a physician’s intervention.

* Gourmet indulgence on an occasional basis helps satisfy the cravings. PMS is a time of cravings, and usually it is chocolate that tops the list. This is a time when those on a diet hit the very real danger of going into a tailspin. They deny themselves what they crave most, but in so doing become more and more obsessed; before long, a whole bar of chocolate is gone, and depression sets in. Avoid this simply by allowing for the occasional indulgence of one or two pieces of chocolate. A controlled giving in to the cravings helps the PMS sufferer to make it through the week while at the same time not falling prey to depression.
* Keeping endorphins high helps with mood swings. What is more tempting than to stop exercising and give in to the feelings of just needing to rest on a sofa for a while? Fighting this thought with exercise is crucial! Exercise produces endorphins that have the power to counteract the feelings of depression and anxiety; moreover, they can deliver a powerful punch against the mood swings that so frequently haunt those with PMS.
* Hot baths help with the worst of cramps. Muscle cramps in the abdominal region are part and parcel of PMS; hot baths can relieve a lot of this pain simply by the warm water relaxing the muscle fibers. This is also a perfect time to include some aromatherapy in the form of aromatic bath salts, oils, or simply a few drops or aromatic essence.

It is important to remember that one size does not fit all when it comes to dealing with the effects of PMS. Your craving might not be chocolate, but instead gummy bears. Your exercise might be cycling rather than running. Do not limit yourself but instead work with your body and with your tastes rather than against them. Only in this manner will you have a chance to deal with the irrationality of PMS successfully on a month to month basis, and avoid becoming a cartoon like caricature that is so often associated with the condition.

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