3 Ways To Avoid PMS Weight Gain

Avoiding PMS Weight Gain

Weight gain is a common complaint by those suffering with PMS. Did you know that avoiding PMS weight gain is actually a lot easier than you might have thought? Sure enough there are three steps you can take to avoid or at least greatly minimize it.

#1. Avoiding diet induced PMS weight gain. PMS is a time of cravings, and what is more tempting than a nice salty order of French fries, or a bar of chocolate? Food cravings make it hard to continue eating a healthy diet during the time immediately prior to the onset of menstruation. Sure, you know the good food you should be choosing, but the other options are so convenient, tasty, and, well, right there! You can avoid this kind of diet induced PMS weight gain by increasing your calcium intake to counteract the dairy cravings that might have you eating fatty cheeses. Opting for organically made chocolate in small doses, or better yet, chocolate flavored fiber drinks that help you feel full while at the same time tricking your palate into believing you just had yourself some of that sweet substance, is another great way of fighting the weight gain.
#2. Avoiding PMS weight gain tied to bloating. Bloating is usually considered water weight gain. Sure, it goes away when the PMS is over, but in the meantime it is uncomfortable, makes your clothes fit oddly, and at the same time also hurts ankles and wrist. Cutting down on salt can help reduce the odds of dealing with significant bloating. Moreover, keeping well hydrated, as odd as this may sound, is another great way of avoiding the water weight gain.
#3. Finally, maintaining your usual exercise routine is one of the most important ways of keeping PMS weight gain from taking over and sticking around, even after menstruation begins. This is especially important if you are powerless when facing a chocolate bar! Granted, it is tempting to stay on the couch when you feel cramps and you do not exactly feel like exercising; however, regular exercise will not only help keep the weight gain at bay, but it will actually allow the body to release some endorphins that will make you feel better in the long run.

If you have not yet taken a good look at your caloric intake throughout the month, consider this an encouragement to do so. Even the occasional snacking and eating unhealthy foods will pile up and depending on your metabolism, may actually catch you with you sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the harder it is going to be to get back on track and make eating healthier foods a habit.

Then again, if you have fallen off the wagon, remember that it takes about seven days to start and maintain an activity before it becomes a habit. This is true for bad habits, but so much more also for good habits and those activities that you want to continue on. Simply set a date to get back on track, and then continue on as though nothing had happened.

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