Wrinkles Caused By Lasik

Wrinkles Caused by LASIK

LASIK surgery to correct the vision problems of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism is the most popular and most used technique today.

There are more than a million of these procedures done in the United States every year. Most of the time there is no problem at all during or after LASIK surgery.

Vision problems are corrected. The patient is happy. The LASIK surgeon gets well paid so hes happy too.

However, just like with any surgical procedure things can go wrong. One of the most frequent complications of LASIK surgery is wrinkles or flap striae occur.

This is a complication that only occurs in about 5% of all LASIK surgeries. That is a small percentage but if you happen to fall into that 5%, it can be a big problem.

Wrinkles occur when folds form on the corneal flap that is created during a LASIK surgery procedure. Immediately following a LASIK surgery there is almost always a wrinkle visible.

It usually takes care of itself and will disappear in a day or two. If it does not disappear within one or two days, however, it must be dealt with.

Sometimes collagen (or collagen plugs) can be injected into the surrounding tissue and that will alleviate the problem.

Other times the flap must be re-floated. The flap might need to be ironed out using a special tool or the flap might require suturing.

When choosing to have LASIK surgery to correct vision problems it is important to remember that it IS surgery and that complications can occur.

Choose your LASIK surgeon based upon experience and reputation rather than upon the cost of the surgery.

You certainly want someone in charge who has already done the procedure many times and can recognize a potential problem before it happens and prevent the problem.

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