What A Tan Does To Your Skin

Tanning and Wrinkles

Most young people today want to be beautifully and evenly tanned. Tanned skin is considered a mark of health, vitality and youth.

There are, however, a couple of problems associated with the pursuit of the perfect tan.

The most serious of these problems is skin cancer. Direct sunlight is the direct cause of skin cancers.

Some skin cancers can be treated and the only lasting effect will be scars. Some skin cancers can be fatal. Protecting your skin from direct sunlight isnt just important, it is vital to your very life.

Over exposure to UV rays, those that come from direct sun light, are the leading cause of wrinkles. No, if you go lay out in the sun for several hours in the pursuit of the perfect tan, you are not going to suddenly become wrinkled as a prune.

You have a few years before the wrinkling caused by over exposure to sun light is going to show up as wrinkles on your face but those dreaded wrinkles will show up.

They will show up ten or twenty years sooner than they would with just normal skin aging, too.

By the time skin that has been over exposed to UV rays is 50 years old, it will have wrinkles equivalent to skin that has not been over exposed to UV rays that is 70 years old.

The use of a sun screen or sun block product that has an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 15 can help to prevent premature skin wrinkling as well as skin cancers.

Sun block products come with SPF factors of 1 to 60. The higher the SPF factor listed for a product, the more protecting it provides.

Avoiding direct sun light between 10AM and 4 PM can also decrease the risk of skin cancers and premature wrinkling.

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