Tale Of The Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth

Ponce de Leon was one of the sailors who sailed with Christopher Columbus on the second voyage to the new world. Ponce de Leon was so taken with this new world that when Christopher Columbus sailed for home Ponce de Leon didnt accompany him.

He stayed in Hispaniola. He became very popular and even served as governor of what we now call Puerto Rico. It was called Boriquien in 1508 when de Leon was its governor.

While Ponce was residing in Puerto Rico he heard stories about magical water that prevented aging. The locals called it the fountain of youth.

The legends said that if a man drank from this fountain, he would remain youthful and never grow old. Ponce de Leon, of course, wanted to find this wonderful water.

He asked questions and sought information about the location of the fountain of youth. Finally he was convinced that he knew the location and he petitioned the King of Spain (Charles V) for permission to go in search of it.

King Charles granted permission but he didnt fund the expedition. Ponce de Leon paid for the men, ships and supplies for the search.

They didnt find the fountain of youth on the first expedition. Ponce de Leon tried a second expedition in 1521.

That expedition was unsuccessful and he and his men were attacked as they were trying to build huts and set up a settlement on the Florida coast.

Most of his men were killed in the attack and Ponce was injured but did make it back to Puerto Rico where he died from his injuries.

There were many adventurers after Ponce de Leon who searched for the fountain of youth. All, of course, failed and the Fountain of Youth remains an undiscovered mystery.

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