Sun Damage And Wrinkles

Sun Damage And Wrinkles

Sunshine! We write songs about it. We write poetry about it. Ancient civilizations worshipped the sun and the light and warmth it provides.

Sun Gods were prevalent in many ancient civilizations religious beliefs and practices.

Some modern day young men and women are still referred to as sun worshippers. They don skimpy bathing suits (or nothing at all) and lay prone while the sunlight beats down on their bodies in pursuit of the perfect tan.

Most of these modern day sun worshippers are aware of the damage that the suns rays can do to their skin and they do know that they should slather sun block on their bodies before they lay prone in the sunlight.

Just because they know they should, however, doesnt mean that they do.

Sunlight is a mood lifter. Many people who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) must use banks of lights that imitate the suns rays in order to relieve their depression.

Sunlight is also used to treat some diseases of the skin.

The same sunlight that can improve mood, lift depression, heal skin problems, and provide a beautiful golden suntan can also cause sunburn, freckles, and wrinkles…not to mention skin cancer.

What you need to remember is that too much of a good think can be a bad thing.

Just because a little sunlight is beneficial doesnt mean that a lot is more beneficial…it isnt.

To gain all of the benefits and avoid the dangers associated with over exposure to sunlight, you should:

Always use a sun block with an SPF factor of 15 or higher.

Avoid being in direct sunlight during peak sunlight hours.

Wear protective clothing. Dark colors absorb heat and sunlight while light colors reflect heat and sunlight.

One other note about sunlight and wrinkles….wear sunglasses. They will keep you from squinting and making those ugly lines around your eyes.

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