Some External And Internal Causes Of Wrinkles

What causes wrinkles? In a word….aging; but there are other factors that can accelerate the wrinkling process.

*Exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods of time without using a sufficient sun block is most definitely a wrinkle causing factor in todays world.

Skin that is tanned to a dark golden hue is considered to be a sign of health and beauty in women and a sign of virility in men.

In years gone by, a pale skin that had never been exposed to the suns rays was considered to be a mark of beauty in women and a sign or wealth and power in men (only those who had to do manual labor were tanned).

*An unhealthy diet can accelerate the wrinkling process. A diet that is rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables will help to delay wrinkling.

*Lack of exercise is a wrinkle accelerator. Regular exercise keeps the blood circulating and waste being disposed of.

*Smoking cigarettes makes the skin wrinkle faster….yet another reason to quit…or never start. The same is true of cigars and snuff.

*Sudden extreme weight loss causes the skin to wrinkle….a blow to crash dieting!

*Harsh soap accelerates wrinkling. You should always use a soap that is ph balanced and not one that contains deodorizers or perfumes.

*Chlorine in swimming pools in very hard on the skin and increases the rate at which it wrinkles.

*Very hot baths and showers will accelerate skin wrinkling. A warm bath or a warm shower is better for the skin that very hot ones.

*A lack of the correct vitamins and minerals either in diet or in supplements will certainly cause the skin to age (wrinkle) much faster than it should. Antioxidants are vital to skin health.

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