Relationship Between Weight Loss, Old Age And Wrinkles

Weight Loss, Older Women and Wrinkles

There is an old saying among women of a certain age….” Call it…heads or tails!” The translation is that when older women go on restricted caloric intake diets and lose weight, as their posteriors decrease (tails) in size, the number of wrinkles increases on their faces (heads).

Its a sad but true fact. Older women can either be thin or have fewer wrinkles in their faces. Its a choice.

The ideal solution to the problem is, of course, to maintain an ideal body weight for a lifetime and never have a need to lose weight.

Ideal, yes, practical solution…not likely. So what is a girl to do?

There are exactly three choices:

1. Lose weight and spend more than a few dollars on face lifts and cosmetic procedures.

2. Keep the weight so that you have fewer facial wrinkles and spend a ton of money on tummy tucks and liposuction.

Remain pleasantly plump and do neither.

The choice that each woman makes is an entirely personal one. While reaching and maintaining an ideal body weight is desirable medically, having fewer facial wrinkles is desirable cosmetically.

So women of a certain age have to make the call…heads or tails?

It does seem that today, more and more women who are in the spotlight are opting for option number three.

The skeleton thin body image that has been in vogue for several years now is being replaced with a look that is fuller.

The face that is less wrinkled is more desirable among actresses and those in the political lime light than a thin and narrow behind.

Some examples of this trend are Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Hillary Clinton and Madeline Albright. There are others that have decided that wrinkles are worse than weight.

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