Effective Treatment Of Wrinkles

Effective Treatment Of Wrinkles

Some people wear their wrinkles like badges of honor. They dont call them wrinkles…they call them character lines. These brave souls, however, are not in the majority.

Other people (men as well as women) view wrinkles with horror. They are not seen as character lines but rather as garden variety wrinkles.

They are seen as a plague that is visited on the elderly only and they dont want to count themselves among the elderly.

This later group makes the cosmetic industry very happy. They make cash registers go ja-jing and put smiles on the (unwrinkled) faces of cosmetic company executives around the world.

The cosmetic industry just in America grosses over twenty billion ($20,000,000,000…thats a lot of zeros) annually.

Most of those dollars come from the sale of hair care products and skin care products.

Dermatologists rake in another few billion each year, as well. They prescribe creams and lotions for the prevention or the reduction in appearance of wrinkles. Retin A is the most prescribed.

Dermatologists also perform surgeries such as face lifts and eye lifts. They inject Botox, Collagen and Restylane into the faces of those who can afford to pay for the procedures.

The nutritional supplement industry does a booming business, too. Vegetable, fruit and tea extracts for the purpose of wrinkle reduction or wrinkle prevention sell millions, as do herbs and vitamins that proclaim to do the same.

Acupuncturists do very well, as do facial masseuses. People will try almost everything in an effort to banish wrinkles.

Wrinkles are big business…not because people want them but because they dont want them. If wrinkles ever come in style, it will be a real blow to the economies of most civilized nations in the world. That really isnt’ very likely to happen, however.

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