The Truth About Men And Wrinkles

Men and Wrinkles

It has been said that wrinkles make a man look distinguished and wrinkles make a woman look old. Only a few years ago, it was almost unheard of for a man (other than actors) to have a cosmetic procedure done.

Most men would rather to have had a root canal than admit to another man that they ever had come within a hundred feet of a skin moisturizer.

All of such products and procedures were in the feminine domain and stuff that real men didnt do.

My! How times have changed. Now almost as many men as women have cosmetic procedures performed.

There are skin moisturizers and creams that are made specifically for men and they are purchased by the millions.

It is true that men do not wrinkle as quickly as women do. Part of a mans face is protected by facial hair, for one thing and then there is the premise that later wrinkling in men is caused by testosterone levels.

The only equalizer has been that men were less likely to use a sunscreen when they were exposed to direct sunlight. That has changed, as well.

Men have discovered that looking younger (read less wrinkled) gives them an edge in the business world, as well as, in the social world.

You can hardly turn on the television without seeing advertisements that are aimed directly at the male segment of the population touting products to make them look younger, feel younger, or act younger.

The advertising of these products has become almost as big a business as the products themselves.

It has become socially acceptable for men to go to great lengths to look younger and to feel better about themselves.

Men now have chemical peels, dermabrasion, injected fillers, laser resurfacing, and plastic surgery procedures performed nearly as often as women do.

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