Soft Tissue Augmentation Anti-Aging

Soft Tissue Augmentation

Wrinkles that are formed in the soft tissue of the face are relatively easy to banish with soft tissue augmentation or the use of fillers.

Fillers come in many forms and are called by many names. They can be used for smoothing out a tiny wrinkle or evening out the appearance of a deep groove.

The can be used to fill out and alleviate the appearance of hollowness around the eyes or to add fullness to thin lips.

Best of all, they can be used to erase the wrinkles that are caused by aging and gravity and restore a more youthful appearance to older faces.

Older people are not the only ones who benefit from soft tissue augmentation, however.

Many young people who just want fuller lips or more prominent cheek bones or a more angled jaw line will opt for soft tissue augmentation.

Fillers used for soft tissue augmentation can come from animal sources, plant sources, human donation (yours or from someone else) or they can be synthetic entirely.

Most are injected but these fillers can also be implanted. Some of the treatments are just one-time events while others must be done using several steps.

The cost can vary between a few hundred dollars and many thousands of dollars.

Fillers can be very temporary. They can last only a very few weeks or months. Other fillers can be semi-permanent and last for up to a year.

Then there are permanent fillers that last a lifetime. As you can imagine, the expected duration of the filler is directly related to the cost.

Temporary and semi-permanent fillers are made of biodegradable material and the body eventually absorbs and disposes of it.

The permanent fillers are not biodegradable and they stay in the body presumably forever. There have been many problems associated with permanent fillers and they are not legal in the United States.

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