How Skin Tone Affects Aging

Skin Tone and Wrinkles

“Blondes have more fun!” We’ve heard that said for years. Im not sure whether blondes really do have more fun or not but I am sure they have more wrinkles and they have them sooner than their darker skinned counterparts.

Melanin, a substance in darker skin that provides the darker hue, acts as a natural sun block and, thus, slows the signs of aging and wrinkling.

You will notice that those who are of African, Asian, Mediterranean, or Middle Eastern decent always, or almost always, have skin that remains unlined well into their 50s and 60s while those of European decent with fairer complexions begin to show signs of wrinkles as early as their 30s or 40s.

Skin tone isnt the only wrinkling factor, however. Bone structure and muscle tone are other factors that determine the propensity for wrinkling of the individual.

The bone structure that provides the facial features of ethnicity can cause the middle part of the face of many darker skinned people to begin to fold as early as their 50s.

The underlying muscles cant always support the greater thickness and weight of the darker skin. The good news is that when the face is at rest, these folds are not visible.

All skin resurfacing procedures can be done on lighter skinned faces unless there is an allergy or other medical condition that wont allow it. The skin tone is never a factor of consideration.

Some darker skin tones, however, do not respond well to many resurfacing procedures. Damage to the pigmentation can occur and the skin can become splotchy and discolored.

Chemical peels and dermabrasion are two such procedures that should usually be avoided by those who have skin of a darker hue. Only a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon can determine which resurfacing procedures are safe.

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