Effects Of Face Lifts For Wrinkles

Face Lifts for Wrinkles

Its just too bad that we cant stop the clock when we are about 25 and our skin is smooth and beautiful. We want to get older….we just dont want to look older.

We would all love to hold on to that fresh, dewy complexion and those firm facial contours for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately our skin ages (wrinkles and sags) right along with the rest of our bodies.

We can follow good skin care practices, of course, and most people today know what those good practices are…still time takes its toll….our faces begin to wrinkle in spite of all the good skin care practices that we adhere to.

So…one day after we are about 40 years old, we look in the mirror, make the decision that a face lift is definitely in order and make an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

The plastic surgeon will examine a face and determine which of many possible fact lift procedures would give the best outcome for the patient.

Usually all of us refer to all facial plastic surgeries as face lifts but there are different kinds of procedures and each produce different results.

The idea face lift candidate has some signs of aging but their skin still maintains some elasticity.

These patients will achieve the most desirable outcomes from a face lift but they are not the only candidates.

The technical term for a face lift is a rhytidectomy. The surgeon will examine not only the skin but the underlying muscle and bone as well when determining the type of face lift that will be the best for each individual patient.

Sometimes other skin resurfacing procedures are used with a face lift procedure to help improve the outcome. Face lifts are common surgical procedures but, like with any surgery, there are always risks involved.

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