Causes And Risk Factors That Are Giving You Wrinkles

Causes And Risk Factors That Are Giving You Wrinkles

The largest single wrinkle risk factor is something that we all very much want to do….grow old.

We dont want to LOOK old…we dont want wrinkles, for sure, but we certainly want to have the opportunity to live to a ripe old age…considering the alternative.

We all hate to see our 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s visible only in a rear view mirror as we go speeding toward our 60s, 70s, 80s and, hopefully, beyond.

Wisdom comes with ageing. Thats a plus. We usually make better decisions…and thats another plus. Wrinkles are going to happen but at least they dont hurt…maybe thats a plus, as well.

Another major wrinkle risk factor is the sun. We wouldnt live to be a ripe old age without it but over exposure to it and its damaging rays can be more than a little harmful to our skin.

The suns rays provide so many benefits to all living creatures. Sunlight, like rain, gives life. Too much rain and we get floods.

Too much sunlight on our bodies and we get sunburn, freckles and wrinkles…..and there are even worse possibilities of over exposure to the sun.

Ageing and overexposure to the suns rays are the two factors that are most responsible for wrinkles but there are others.

Not eating right can be a wrinkle causing factor. Our bodies need whole grains and lots of fruits and vegetables to help prevent premature wrinkling.

Eating right wont prevent wrinkling altogether but it will help to keep it from happening too quickly.

Not drinking enough fluids is another wrinkle causing factor. Our bodies are mostly water.

We need to keep them well hydrated for a lot of very good reasons. One of those reasons is to keep our skin from wrinkling prematurely.

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