Anti-Aging: Can Stress Really Cause Extra Wrinkles?

Stress and Wrinkles

Yes! Stress does cause wrinkles. One of the best ways to reduce the number of wrinkles on our faces is to decrease the amount of stress in our lives.

For years doctors pooh poohed the idea of the mind/body connection but Western medicine is finally catching up to what more ancient cultures have known for centuries.

Our minds do most certainly affect our bodies and the opposite is true, as well. Physical stress can affect the mind and mental stress can affect the body….and particularly the skin.

The human body is an amazing machine and the skin is one of the most amazing parts of that machine. This outer wrapper that holds the whole thing together is the first defense against disease, of course, and it is often the first indicator of a problem from within…including worry and stress.

Stress causes many of the normal body functions to become less efficient or cause them to cease all together. When we are under stress our bodies quit absorbing nutrients and delivering those necessary nutrients to the bodys organs including the skin.

Stress causes us to frown and to draw our brows together. We wrinkle our foreheads and all of these facial negative facial expressions cause facial muscles to contract and relax. Repeated contraction and relaxation of facial muscles is one of the causes of wrinkles forming.

All stress cannot be avoided, of course, but we can learn to deal with the normal stress of living in a more positive way. When we become aware of our changing facial expressions we can control them. When we know we are under stress we can take steps to relax before we eat. We can learn to give ourselves a time-out from worry and give our skin a break.

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