Amazing Benefits Of Mineral Cosmetics

Mineral cosmetics

Mineral cosmetics arrived on the market like a lamb in the mid-1970’s and are currently enjoying an explosion in production and sales. Mineral make up has several distinct advantages – not the least of which is the fact that the makeup is made of inorganic materials without any chemicals, dyes or preservatives that are found in traditional make up. These ‘extras’ are often the cause of allergic reactions and the additives that cause pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.

The makeup is also inorganic or inert. This means that they don’t react with other products that may be used on the skin and also don’t cause allergic reactions on the skin. Mineral make up is also good for use on skin that leans either toward being dry or oily. The minerals are light and allow the skin to breathe and help balance the secretion of oil on the skin.

Mineral makeup is a cosmetic trend that also emphasizes natural health. The latest range of products claim to include Vitamins A and E incorporated into the mineral formulation. Once it’s applied to the skin the vitamins supposedly liquefy and are incorporated into the skin.

To make this makeup formulation selected minerals are mined from around the world and refined to remove any heavy metals. These are then ground into small particles and coated with other natural minerals to get them ready for cosmetic use. In addition many manufacturers also include ingredients that have special properties.

Another of the properties of mineral makeup is the ability of the foundation to cover the face. It is lightweight, water resistant and long lasting. This means that woman aren’t forced to be in front of the mirror during the day to reapply the makeup and it will cost less than others that will have to be reapplied during the day.

And, because mineral make up is different it must also be applied differently. Mineral makeup must be applied over a moist face because it adheres to the natural oil of the skin. If your face is too dry then it will go on looking like powder. Put a small amount in the cap of the foundation jar which will help you avoid using too much. Swirl the kabuki brush in the cap and tap the brush to dust off the extra powder.

Apply the foundation by rubbing the brush in a circular fashion. It is at this point that you decide how the makeup will look. The intent is to buff the powder onto the skin and the heavier you buff the heavier the coverage. Once you have the look you want with the foundation then you apply a setting powder that same way you would any other type of foundation.

Depending upon whether you are applying foundation, concealer or blush you’ll be using a different type of brush. The foundation is best applied with a Kabuki brush. These brushes are short and stubby so that the application can be buffed on. Concealer can be applied using fingers or a brush that has firm, narrow bristles with a rounded tip.

While you might imagine that the powder would sink into wrinkles and enhance their look but, unlike traditional powder, mineral make up does quite the opposite. Instead, mineral make up smoothes and covers fine lines and wrinkles leaving a silky, smooth skin with a glowing and youthful appearance.

There are several different manufacturing firms that produce mineral make up that ranges in price from $10.00 to $50.00. Mineral make up has transformed the cosmetic industry and while it used to only be available in chic spas today it is available in spas, department stores, online and pharmacies.

In the past few years this make up has become very popular with women because of the ability of the make up to cover blemishes, create a youthful appearance and is long-lasting and cost effective.

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