5 Reasons Why You Need Zinc Gloconate

Human health and well-being can never be overrated as one must take effort to be at optimum health at every point in time. Lifestyle consumption patterns contribute immensely to one’s health and medical well-being.

Eating balanced meals and taking the right supplements have benefits for ensuring adequate regenerative growth for parts of the body, such as the hair and nails, as well as the boosting of the immune system and maintenance of healthy skin. Certain foods consumed in the United Kingdom and all around the world contain high levels of zinc, amongst which include: oysters, nuts, legumes and dairy products.

It is important to note that the consumption of zinc is beneficial to all systems and organs within the human body. However, zinc cannot be stored by any human organ or system, resulting in the need to consistently consume diets rich in zinc or medically approved zinc-based supplements. In the United Kingdom, the generally recommended daily allowance (RDA) of zinc for male and female adults is set at 9.5 mg and 7 mg respectively, while the Food Standards Agency and the Department of Health have emphasized that daily dosage and intake of zinc should not exceed 25 mg.

Here are five key reason why you need the ‘Zinc Gluconate Tablets’ manufactured by JeaKen:

One reason why you need the JeaKen’s Zinc Gluconate Tablet is that, Zinc is associated with the production of at least eighty hormones within the body and the maintenance of prostate health. Zinc is considered to be an important element in the production of testosterone. In men, Zinc plays an important role in maintaining the viability of sperm cells and, in semen production.

Another benefit of Zinc consumption is for its role in the improvement of the immune system. Zinc has been found to balance the functions of the immune system. For example, in a medical condition referred to as ‘Sepsis’, characterized by a malfunction in the immune system’s functions while fighting bodily infections, thereby resulting in inflammatory responses all over the body, Zinc stops the immune system from loosing control. Zinc is one key chemical element necessary for balancing and regulating the immune system of humans. Zinc is found in very trace portions within the body, but its role in fostering high level performance of the immune system is very essential. Hence, the need to take a specially formulated Zinc supplement; the JeaKen’s ‘Zinc Gluconate Tablets’ – a great choice for everyone.

JeaKen’s ‘Zinc Gluconate Tablets’ contains similar properties with strong antioxidants, these elements help in combating free radicals that contribute to fatal diseases such as cancer. They also aid regenerative processes of the skin, fight acne and excess production of sebum, while helping wounds heal faster.

Another reason why you need the JeaKen’s ‘Zinc Gluconate Tablets’ is for its contributions in maintaining Vitamin A levels within the blood plasma, resulting in good eyesight and visual health.

When there is an inadequate supply of Zinc within the body, it affects the full functioning of the body system, affecting the growth of skin, hair, nails and brain functioning. JeaKen’s ‘Zinc Gluconate Tablets’ ensures the supply of zinc in very healthy levels.

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