Benefits of Organic Maca Root Extract

One of the most popular organic and natural products used frequently is Maca Root. It is a popular root extract that is native to Peru but used by people all around the world.

The most widely used part of the plant is the roots and it exists in a number of colours, but the most popular maca roots are in white and black. This amazing superfood is widely known as a natural therapy for a wide range of health conditions and they are all contained in our product; Jeaken Organic Maca Root Extract. Here are some of its amazing benefits;

Libido and Fertility Increase

Jeaken Organic Maca Root Extract automatically intensifies sexual desire and fertility both in men and women. The product contains herbs and plants that naturally stimulates sex drive, improves sperm production, quantity and quality. For women, this product has the capacity to increase the serum luteinizing hormone in the pituitary gland.

Bone Health and Density

This product helps to maintain both bone health and density. As women and men age, bone density naturally becomes a problem, especially people with family history of osteoporosis. Jeaken Organic Maca Root Extract keeps the bones strong, healthy and durable because it contains calcium and other nutrients responsible for protecting bone health.

Hormonal Balance

For the regulation of hormones that aid disease prevention and anti-depressant properties, this product works perfectly. This is especially good for people struggling with anxiety, stress, mood swings and other mental health challenges. Also, the nutrients contained in Jeaken Organic Maca Root Extract helps balance the endocrine system.


Jeaken Organic Maca Root Extract can be used to relieve side effects and symptoms that might come with menopause. These symptoms include cramps, hot flashes and nausea. This is a perfect option for women who are cautious with the use of anti-depressants; our organic option helps relieve those issues.

Energy Supplement

For bodybuilders and athletes, Jeaken Organic Maca Root Extract can help them improve overall performance, increase strength, and boost physical energy. It also helps in enhancing endurance performance at all levels. Even if you’re not athlete, consuming this organic maca root could be an excellent way to bring your strength and vigor back to life.

Prostate Gland Reduction

In aging men, enlargement of prostate gland is very common. An enlarged prostate causes problems with urine passage, however, it can be reduced and managed by Jeaken Organic Maca Root. Consuming it in the right amount of this supplement will definitely reduce the issues men have with urination.

Jeaken Organic Maca Root Extract is considered a very safe medication, however, pregnant women should consult their doctor before taking it. Other than that, it has all round nutrients and antioxidants that are beneficial for all body types so incorporating it into your diet can give your health an instant upgrade.

The best part of the organic extract is that it has no nasty smell or taste, so be sure never to feel nauseous while taking it. Jeaken Organic Maca Root is widely available in health stores, online retailers and pharmacies.

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